Birthday Nails

YAY! Today is my BIRTHDAY!
 I am now 20 & no longer a "Teen".
So here is my birthday nails! (=

I know for my birthday I was seriously positive that Purple nails is an absolute MUST. It is my fave color & it is the most common colour I seem to own. aha of course none of them are alike. Purple is such a gorgeous colour. So Here are my birthday nails. & I came up with this because I swatched most of my polishes on clear wheels  yesturday & I stacked them so I could pick what I would want to wear. & this combo was exactly as is. so I had to it was so beautiful. Enjoy, I know with these nails it will definitely be an amazing day.


  1. Happy Birthday :)
    I love the color club, so blingy for a birthday.

  2. Beautiful! J have that purple and LOVE it!!

  3. Happy Birthday and welcome to no longer being a teen. :)

    That is a gorgeous combo and perfect for celebrating your birthday. Which Color Club is it? It looks familiar and I do believe that I own it but I'd love to know what the name is.

    1. Awhh thank you & i dont even know i got it in the glitter vixen set i think it was called. & there was no names anywhere.