Inglot "202" VS. Essie "Shine of the Times"

Hello Polish Addicts (=
Today I have a find to share, the other day while I was in Shoppers Drug Mart (I ALWAYS check the clearance bin & shelves) I came across a bunch of Essie "Shine of the Times" Polishes on clearance for 4.00$. Of course I had to pick it up to add it to my collection & when I got home I shared the news with a facebook group for polish addicts that I am involved in. And you will never believe what I was told Essie is discontinuing "Shine of the Times"!!! So if I were you I run & pick up a one or a back up even. I picked up another one today. ANYWAYS... me & my rambling... So when I got home I painted all my nails black & swatched all 9 flakies I own to see if I have any dupes. & wouldn't you know it I did, well of course you'd know that's why your here because I found a dupe. LOL. 
So here it is...
INGLOT in "# 202"   VS.   ESSIE in "SHINE OF THE TIMES" 

Their identical in appearance same flakie size & their both super this & easy to apply. wait for it.... 
 wait for it.... 

There is just THREE THINGS that are DIFFERENT .

#1 Quantity: Inglot contains 8 ml (Which is the full size) VS. Essie contains 13.5 ml
#2 Price: Inglot costs 10.00$ VS. Essie 10.99$
#3 Availability: Inglot is much much harder to get VS. Essie available at Drug stores & Walmart ect.  

So from looking at the comparisons I believe Essie "Shine of the Times" takes the win. However you might want to pick yours up A.S.A.P before it gone.


  1. Awesome review, and thanks for the heads up about the discontinuation! :O