KIKO 332 VS. Wet 'N' Wilds On a Trip

Hey guys! I got some Nail Mail from the Netherlands the other day. So here I show you Kiko (from Italy) & a Wet 'N' Wilds "On a Trip"
& to my eye these two polishes are EXACTLY the same. & I find it hilarious that they have a dupe for Wet 'n' Wilds On a Trip on the other side of the world.

Now about the brushes, I love the shape of the Wet 'N' Wilds brush but i just don't like the hairs, their to course. As for the KIKO brush it is just a normal polish brush, Which I don't mind.
At least if I run out of KIKOs 332 I can always use the Wet 'N' Wild polish. 


  1. Wow, those are great dupes for one another:)

  2. Such pretty colors! I wish this shade looked as pretty on me as it does on you. :)